Mi Robot Vacuum – Mop P


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  • 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function
  • Intelligent Multi Mapping and Route Planning
  • Professional Mopping
  • Equipped with Anti-Collision, Anti-Drop and other High-precision Sensors
  • Smart Electronically Controlled Water Tank
  • Multi Map Support
  • Smart App Control, Voice control with Google Assistant
  • Automatic Room Zoning

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The Modern Pro Cleaning Solution

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is a modern day wonder with incredible features to make your daily life much easier than before. It is loaded with features like 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping which does the daily chores like sweeping, mopping, sweeping and mopping effortlessly. It is equipped with an LDS Laser Navigation System that works with an upgraded SLAM algorithm for real-time mapping, faster scanning and longer scanning range.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Features:
ItThe robot comes with a professional mopping path design specially created for Indian homes.
It is equipped with 12 sets of high precision sensors that help in accurate depiction of the surroundings.
It\’s also powered by an anti-collision and anti-drop sensor and it crosses obstacles up to 2cm in height.
The vacuum robot has a powerful data processing capability and powered by a Cortex-A7 Processor and Mali 400 GPU.

With a powerful suction of 2100Pa and a smart electronically controlled water tank, this robot makes your life very easy.

You can also connect to the Mi Home app to explore a plethora of options like remote control, real-time mapping, scheduled cleaning, spot cleaning etc. You can also choose to merge, divide or name a room for cleaning. The dynamic path planning helps in following different paths for different modes. The device can automatically recharge and resume whenever required.

You can also set virtual walls or restricted areas around objects to avoid cleaning restricted areas like carpets or washrooms. The vacuum robot has a powerful data processing capability and powered by a Cortex-A7 Processor and Mali 400 GPU.


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